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Crate hire UK & Ireland

create-hire-lowerPacking crates are a vital part of the vast majority of commercial relocation projects. In accordance with your requirements, Delivery Services will supply the necessary quantity of office moving crates for the duration of your move. Unless you specifically state the amount of crates you require, this will be determined when items for relocation are viewed prior to issue of our relocation. The crates will be delivered to the required location prior to the move as required. These crates will be collected from the relocation address upon completion of the move as required. Our plastic crates of various sizes allow staff to pack possessions, files and documents. Normally provided on a hire basis for the duration of the move, crate quantities will be estimated in advance, delivered in a timely manner, removed efficiently and controlled to ensure traceability. Crates are labeled in accordance with the labeling strategy and can be sealed with coded cable ties for security.


Critical to the success of relocation is the labeling strategy. Delivery Services can provide the client with easily removable self-adhesive color coded labeling that contains vital information detailing staff name, proposed location and final room position. A well planned labeling strategy can ensure items are moved efficiently by the move crews and placed accurately in the new office layout.