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Business Relocation / Office Moves UK & Ireland

business-relocation-lowerShould your lease be at an end or you’re just ready for a change then Delivery Services can help with your commercial relocation or office move throughout the UK and Ireland. Working for many years in the public and private sector moving furniture, sensitive computer IT equipment, irreplaceable records and valuable documents, Delivery Services have managed to master relocation methods and techniques. We pride ourselves in executing fast, efficient and cost effective relocation projects.

Our highly skilled and dedicated staff will work closely with you and your team to understand your business requirements; evaluate the scale and scope of your business relocation or office move and identify the key criteria for any office relocation project. Using our tried and tested method of Move Planning, which includes detailed surveys, project programming, layout design, risk assessment and resource allocation we find the most cost efficient and most effective moving solutions.

Flexibility to our customer’ needs is demonstrated by our willingness to work out-of-hours and fast track projects insuring minimum downtime.

Planning & Project Management

Each relocation project is supervised by a project manager who attends to your specific requirements, organizing and planning the move carefully to achieve customer satisfaction for you and your employees.

We believe planning is at the heart of every successful commercial relocation project. At the initial survey stage we ascertain our client’s specific requirements, which allow us to produce risk assessment evaluations, method statements, layout design and logistical and operational plans which focus on all the key issues. We are happy to meet and coordinate with other contractors and recommend having regular progress meeting with the client to ensure the project is completed as smoothly as possible.

Delivery Services put a lot of time and effort into making sure your move is handled as smoothly as possible. With any relocation we aim to deliver a package which involves minimum disruption and maximum efficiency. Every plan is uniquely formed to best suit each company particular requirements, therefore execution of relocations run effectively and efficiently ensuring customer satisfaction time and time again.

Space Planning

Whether it be moving into new premises or redesigning existing premises, space planning is essential for making the best of your interior office space.

An appraisal of work space carried out at the time of initial survey stage allows our space planners to ascertain your current and potential growth requirements in terms of furniture and storage. Our goals are always to find and implement the most effective layout of furniture which maximizes communication between personnel and/or departments, or to provide private working areas, all depending on the specific requirements of our client. Following an appraisal we produce multiple proposals on CAD drawings which allow our customers to clearly observe the finished layout and make any alterations as they see fit.

Churn and Porterage

Delivery Services can provide clients with on-going resources to support internal re-organization of staff and departments as required by changes in the business environment.

Porterage resources are typically procured from a pre agreed tariff schedule and the trained crews can provide moving services, maintenance and furniture repair. We hold porterage frameworks for clients such as Belfast City Council, Queens University Belfast, Danske Bank and Citi Bank.

Site Protection

We strive to ensure that there is no damage to the vulnerable internal and external building environment as a consequence of the move and therefore following a site survey, plan the appropriate protection of surfaces with protective cover materials. Areas that demand particular attention are typically walkways, lifts, entrance lobbies, doorways and corridor corners.

Filing & handling of confidential material

Operatives are trained to precisely plan and carefully pack and unpack the contents of storage cabinets to ensure documentation is maintained in its sequence at its new location.

Delivery Services are often trusted by organisations to handle irreplaceable and highly confidential documentation using security vetted staff.

Office Fit-outs

With a turnkey approach to commercial relocation being recognized for its benefits of value for money, we include in our services office interior fit-out, and sourcing and supplying furniture including installation. The use of furniture is critical in achieving a balance between work efficiency and effectiveness.

We will work with you to assess your furniture requirements, looking at how the different areas of your business interact and integrate with each other on a day to day basis. With our in depth knowledge of the workplace we will identify where task working, hot-desking, break-out zones, meeting spaces and storage solutions are needed.

The fact that we are independent means we can deliver the very best furniture package to suit your specific needs, both in terms of design and budget.