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As a member of the Commercial movers group within the British association of removers we are recognised for our work. This comes with a guaranteed assurance of quality in relation to the BS8522 standard.

Moving tips and guides

Here are some useful tips from the industry experts…

  • Preparation – Make sure you know exactly what items are being moved, stored and/or scrapped.
  • Consistency – Take each moving contractor around your premises separately, making sure that the same Member of your staff is present each time.
  • Constraints – It is essential that your contractor is made aware of any restricted access at the origin and destination. e.g. lifts, parking facilities and hours of operation etc.
  • Timing – You can save a lot of money by planning your timetable carefully as summer and weekends are peak periods in the moving industry. Give as much notice as possible to your moving contractor.
  • Evaluation – Beware of buying on price alone. What matters most is a successful result. You should expect a range of +/- 20% in the prices quoted. Otherwise you may not be getting a ‘like for like’ quotation.
  • References – rather than accept customers’ references at face value, we recommend you visit the prospective mover’s premises. This will give you an excellent opportunity to see the standard of their operational facility allowing you to qualify.