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Ulster University


This large scale project involving 3 phases was completed over X months. The move itself consisted of:

  • Transport & installation of 100’s of University equipment and machinery.
  • Installation of natural gas, compressed air and oxygen supplies to machinery.
  • Disconnection & Reconnection of approx 60 no. 3 phase electrical supplies to machinery.
  • Large machinery had to be relocated by crane
  • 2000 lm of library book stock packed and moved in sequence to new library.
  • Dismantling, transfer & installation of all library shelving into the new library.
  • Acrow props installed to provide additional building structure support
  • Approx 120 no staff were relocated with 800 crates been used for the move
  • Full IT de-com & re-com of all staff PCs
  • Office furniture moves and installation

Even with late rescheduling to the programme due to main contractor delays the project was a success.